Bachelor of Arts in Music

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The Bachelor of Arts in Music offers students a versatile liberal arts education within the context of rigorous musical training. The flexible structure of this degree plan fosters intellectual engagement with many disciplines. As such, it is particularly well suited for musically talented students who have additional academic interests and/or desire a flexible career trajectory, making this degree a perfect candidate for those interested in obtaining a double major from our university.

The AB curriculum provides a comprehensive academic education with rigorous training in theory, applied instruction, history, and literature, which develops creative and intellectual habits essential for success in careers of all kinds. It encourages the innovative spirit and flexibility needed in a quickly evolving global economy. Students will choose a minor or develop an individuated concentration from a broad spectrum of offerings to tailor the degree to their particularly academic or career interests.

While studying a wide range of academic disciplines, AB Music students receive exceptional professional training in musicianship and applied music and are able to participate fully in our acclaimed ensembles.

Students are admitted to this program on the basis of the entrance audition.

Additional Student Resources

  • For details concerning the AB Music degree, please see our UGA Bulletin, which outlines music major and university-wide requirements.
  • For information concerning Franklin College requirements, please see here. Please note: AB Music students are required to fulfill all of the Franklin College requirements. However, with the careful guidance of a music academic advisor, students can easily incorporate those additional requirements into their core curriculum efficiently. 
  • For a suggested matriculation summary for the AB Music degree, click here.
  • For information regarding Musciology and Enthnomusicology, please visit our site here.
  • Workshop Opportunities
  • Study Music Abroad in Italy Program
  • Music Admissions Process