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Course Opportunities

Non-MUsic Student Options

The following is a detailed listing of all of opportunities available to non-music students. If you have any additional questions, please contact the instructors associated with the course in question.

Music Lessons

Though non-HHSOM students cannot take private studio lessons with faculty, such an opportunity is offered through the UGA Community Music School

  • MUSI 1700 and MUSI 3700 - The UGA Community Music School offers private one-on-one instruction to UGA undergraduate students on all instruments including strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, voice, guitar, and piano. This course is offered in the fall and spring semesters only and consists of thirteen 30-minute lessons and one seminar. For additional information and registration procedures, please visit their website. For registration, click here.
  • Private instruction without credit - Prices vary depending on the length of the lesson.
  • Beginning Piano or Guitar classes - An 8-week non-credit course open to all students, faculty, staff, and members of the community, designed to teach the basics of playing the guitar or piano.  No prior musical experience is needed.  Students will need to provide their own acoustic instrument for the guitar class.

**ALL questions concerning these opportunities must be directed to the CMS and NOT to HHSOM. Their office can be reached at 706-542-2894 or by email. Payment for these non-credited lessons is processed through UGA’s Marketplace.

Please note: Though UGA staff members are welcome to take private lessons from the Community Music School, the fee for instruction is NOT covered by TAP.

Music History

All of the following courses have no pre-requisites and meet varied requirements. 

  • MUSI 2020 (3) Introduction to Music (fall/spring/summer) FA/IV
  • MUSI 2040 (3) History of Popular Music (fall/spring/summer) FA/MC/IV
  • MUSI 2050 (3) Survey of Jazz History (spring) FA/MC/IV
  • MUSI 2060 (3) History and Analysis of Rock Music (fall/summer) FA/MC/CD/IV
  • MUSI 2080 (3) African American Music (spring of even years) FA/MC/CD/IV - also included in African American studies core
  • MUSI 2090 (3) Music and Film (not offered on regular basis) NP
  • MUSI 2300 (3) Music in Athens (not offered on regular basis) FA/MC/CD/IV
  • MUSI 3020 (3) World Music Survey: Africa, Europe, and the Americas (fall) FA
  • MUSI 3021 (3) World Music Survey: Middle East, Asia, and Oceana (spring) FA
  • MUSI (AFAM) 2960 (3) African American Percussive Music: From Africa to the Americas FA/MC/CD 

Topics in Music 

The following courses have POD restrictions. Please contact the instructor responsible for admittance access.

MUSI 4250 (3) Women & Music – Roles of women in music, including the history of women musicians in western art music, world cultures, and popular music; gender studies in music. Offered every fall of odd-numbered years.

MUSI 4310 (3) Gender and Music Video – Examination of music videos from the 1980s until the present. Music videos will be treated as texts from which we can glean cultural understanding as well as explore new ways of analyzing aesthetic communication and musical meaning. (not offered on regular basis)

MUSI 4290 (3) Music in Athens – This course will examine how the music of Athens contributes to the national, global, and virtual  "scene," and inversely, how those dimensions impact musical life here in Athens. No pre-requisites required. This course counts towards the Franklin College Fine Arts Requirement (not offered on regular basis)

Theory and Composition

MUSI 3550 (3) FA* Music Theory for Non-Majors - Offered fall, spring, and summer semesters, this course with no pre-requisites is an introduction to music theory (i.e., the grammar and syntax of the musical language) with no prior musical knowledge or experience assumed.  Emphasis is on learning about the theoretical aspects of music important to performers and composers. Upon completion of this course, the successful student will be able to:

  • Identify visually and write scales, keys, triads, intervals, and chords.
  • Notate rhythm correctly, beaming according to the meter.
  • Write melodies and simple accompaniments in a given key.
  • Analyze simple harmonies and formal structures.

The following course has some restrictions. Please contact the instructor responsible for admittance access.

MUSI 3190 (1) Composition Lab - This course, for non-music majors and music majors not majoring in composition, is offered fall and spring semesters every year.  Prerequisites: MUSI 1100 or MUSI 3550 or permission of the department.  The course provides students with the opportunity to practice the basic techniques and skills required to start composing music.  Students spend their time working through elementary exercises, score study, and developing projects related to their particular musical interests.  (not offered on regular basis.)

Music Therapy

These courses have some restrictions. Please contact the instructor responsible for admittance access.

MUSI 5410 (3) Psychology of Music – Acoustical and psychological aspects of music with emphasis upon problems of perception, experimental aesthetics, musical function, measurement and diagnosis of musical ability. (spring)

Vocal Development

MUSI 2460 (1) Voice Class for the Non-Music Major – Each student is encouraged to explore their own unique voice and creative potential as they honor the journey of others.  This course offers knowledge of vocal techniques, music artistry, communicative skills, and physical awareness.  Students are provided classroom vocal performance opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge. 

The following courses have some restrictions. Please contact the instructor responsible for admittance access.   

Voice Performance Opportunities

Choral ensembles

The ensembles that tend to attract the most non-majors, based on rehearsal and performance schedules, are the Men's and Women's Glee Clubs, University Chorus, and African American Choral Ensemble. Other ensembles also welcome non-majors, but require a more thorough audition. Brief hearings for all students enrolling in the UGA choral ensembles will be held at the beginning of each semester and will take place in the Choral Suite of the Hugh Hodgson School of Music. Non-majors should go ahead and enroll in the ensemble that best fits his/her schedule and plan to do a hearing at the beginning of the semester. All by permission of instructor based on a placement hearing and limited by the balance needs of those ensembles. For further details, please see here. Students with any questions should contact Dr. Daniel Bara.  

MUSI 4700 (1) Men’s Glee Club

MUSI 4710 (1) Women’s Glee Club

MUSI 4730 (1) African American Choral Ensemble

MUSI 4750 (1) University Chorus

MUSI 4760 (1) Hodgson Singers – Participation requires a more rigorous audition of vocal range and quality, as well as significant music reading skills and previous high-level choral experience.  Membership is also contingent on at least a semester of prior participation in one of the other choral ensembles.

MUSI 4850 (1) Opera Ensemble – This highly specialized, high demand, high reward opportunity is open to experienced singers who are willing to commit to the number of hours required for productions. Please visit their website for further details. Non-music majors who are interested in this course should contact Professor Burchinal to discuss placement.

Instrumental Ensembles

UGA Bands 

Performing opportunities at UGA for any interested student who plays a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument. Some bands require auditions before the start of each semester and some do not. Audition materials and schedule are posted two months in advance on the UGA Bands website.

  • MUSI 4840 (1) Wind Ensemble – audition required (most advanced)
  • MUSI 4839 (1) Wind Symphony – audition required (advanced)
  • MUSI 4838 (1) Symphonic Band – audition required, but non-auditioned positions are available in certain sections; contact Dr. Robinson.
  • MUSI 4837 (1) Concert Band - non-audition, but playing experience required
  • MUSI 4836 (1) University Band SPRING SEMESTERS ONLY – non-auditioned, but playing experience required

UGA Orchestras

MUSI 4740/6740 (1) The University of Georgia Symphony Orchestra – UGASO (advanced) is one of the School of Music's premier performing ensembles, under the direction of Professor Mark Cedel. It is composed entirely of students, the majority of whom are from the School of Music. All members are selected by auditions held the first week of each semester. The orchestra presents approximately seven major performances per year. For more information contact Professor Mark Cedel.

MUSI 4735/6735 (1) The University Philharmonia - open to all UGA students, regardless of major. Players may participate without an audition. 

Jazz Studies Opportunities

Audition required for participation in the following courses. Please Contact Professor David D’Angelo

MUSI 4781/6781 (1) Jazz Band I – This is the advanced level Big Band made up of experienced players on saxophones, trumpets, trombones, drums, bass, piano, and guitar.  This band rehearses advanced level music based in Swing, Bop, Post Bop, Rock, and Latin Jazz styles.  Acceptance is based on audition with prepared piece as well as sight reading.  The ensemble performs at numerous on-campus and off-campus events.

MUSI 4785/6785 (1) Jazz Band II – This is the beginning, introductory level Big Band for saxophones, trumpets, trombone, drums, bass, piano, and guitar. The band rehearses basic big band swing concepts, in addition to Rock and Latin Jazz styles. Acceptance is based on audition by student playing a prepared piece as well as sight reading. The ensemble performs on campus once per semester. 

MUSI 4784/6784 (1) Jazz Improvisation I – This is an introductory level course studying chords, scales, melodic construction, and song forms in the Jazz style.  Students must have a fundamental ability to read on their instruments.  Acceptance based on audition. 

MUSI 4786/6786 (1) Jazz Improvisation II – This class involves more in depth study of melodic, harmonic, and song forms in the Jazz style.  Students are required to transcribe two recorded jazz solos approved by instructor.  Acceptance based on audition. 

MUSI 4788/6788 (1) Jazz Applied Improvisation – This is a private lesson with the instructor.  Student works in depth on jazz harmony, melody, and song forms.  Student is required to transcribe one song form from a recording as well as one jazz solo.  Times for lesson are arranged between student and instructor. 

Legend of University and Franklin College Requirements

FA = course meets Franklin College of Fine Arts

MC = course meets Franklin College Multicultural 

CD = course meets UGA Cultural Diversity

IV = course meets Area IV Humanities and Arts

NP = New course, therefore students would need to petition the Academic Standards Committee for course to satisfy Franklin College Fine Arts requirement. Appeal procedures are detailed here.

For more information and course descriptions, please visit the UGA Bulletin.

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