Music Minor in Jazz Auditions

Jazz Ensemble


  • Chromatic scale full range of instrument
  • Major scales, 3#’s and 3b’s, 2 octaves
  • One memorized 12 Bar Blues in either Bb, or F, plus improvising on the form/chord progression.
  • Sight-reading from big band arrangement provided by instructor



  • Chord change sight-reading provided by instructor
  • Single line sight-reading
  • Major scales, 2#’s, and 2b’s, 2 octaves
  • Play from memory 12 Bar Blues in either Bb or F, melody and chord sequence



  • Major scales, 2 hands, 3#’s, 3b’s, 2 octaves
  • Sight-read lead sheet provided by instructor, playing chords and melody
  • One memorized prepared piece, melody and accompanying chords in the style of one of the following: swing, be-bop, ballad, or Latin



  • Chord change sight-reading – walking bass lines
  • Single line sight-reading
  • One memorized 12 Bar Blues melody and chord sequence
  • Major scales, 2 octaves, 2b’s, and 2#’s.


Drum Set 

  • Play 32 bars of time in the following styles: medium swing, sticks and brushes, ¾ meter, sticks and brushes, or any Latin styles. Sight-read big band chart provided by instructor.


Repertoire questions? Email Prof. David D’Angelo.

Admissions questions? Email Music Admissions.