Student Resources

Advising Resources

Advising 101

  • SAGE - Student Advising and Guidance Expert UGA's new advising software that allows students and advisors schedule appointments online and track student success.
  • UGA Bulletin - The official University of Georgia resource for majors, minors, courses, and other academic information
  • UGA Student Handbook - Essential information for all UGA students
  • Franklin College - The official University of Georgia resource for Franklin College requirements
  • Degree Works - Our degree audit portal for enrolled students
  • Athena - UGA portal for the university-wide application, current course listings, and class registration
  • Registration How-to Video - A great source for individuals new to Athena.

Advising Forms

  • FERPA - UGA's Privacy Policy. If you wish to add or remove a FERPA hold, please submit this form to the Registrar's Office.
  • Late Add Form - If you need to add a course after add/drop, submit this form to Molly Stanley's office for consideration.
  • Section Change Form - If you need to change from one section of a course to another, submit this from to Molly Stanley for consideration.
  • Course Challenge Form - If you believe you could successfully pass out of a HHSOM course, you may be eligible to challenge it. Please see your academic advisor for details.

Exceptional Resources