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The Hugh Hodgson School of Music’s piano department features internationally recognized faculty, attracting talented young musicians from the United States and abroad. The Hodgson School became Georgia's first All-Steinway School in 1996 and boasts outstanding performance and practice facilities with keyboard instruments maintained by two full-time Steinway-trained piano technicians. 

Piano students at the Hodgson School enjoy countless opportunities for solo and ensemble performances, including annual concerto competitions. Students have the opportunity to participate in and collaborate with the Hodgson School's numerous small chamber ensembles, orchestras, bands, and choirs. 

Additionally, students can gain valuable experience as educators through teaching at UGA's Community Music School and participating in numerous other experiential programs, including international collaborations in remote piano teaching. Scholarships and graduate teaching assistantships are available to qualifying applicants.


Audition Repertoire


Piano Faculty

David Fung

Peter Jutras

Evgeny Rivkin

Liza Stepanova


David Fung

Pete Jutras, piano pedagogy

Evgeny Rivkin, area chair

Liza Stepanova

Martha Thomas


Affiliated Faculty and Staff

John Coble, organ

Kathryn Wright, opera coach / teaching assistant supervisor in collaborative piano


Resident Staff Accompanists

Damon Denton

Anatoly Sheludyakov


Piano Technicians

Scott Higgins, Lead Piano Technician

Tony Graves



Bachelor of Music in Music Performance

Bachelor of Music, with piano as primary instrument, in

  • Music Composition
  • Music Education
  • Music Theory
  • Music Therapy
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music 

Music Minor* 

Master of Music in Performance, with emphasis in: 

  • Performance
  • Piano Pedagogy
  • Collaborative Piano

Doctor of Musical Arts in Performance**

*undergraduate music minors are taught by graduate piano majors
**DMA students may minor in several areas, including collaborative piano and piano pedagogy.