Fall 2018 Large Ensemble Placement Auditions

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Here you'll find info on large ensemble placement auditions for fall 2018 and links to specific excerpts for those auditions. Info will be updated throughout Summer 2018.

Fall 2018 Ensemble Audition Dates, Times, and Locations

Musical Excerpts
Trumpet: Sunday, August 12th; 1-3:30 pm; Edge Hall
Horn: Thursday, August 9th; 9:30 am-12 pm; Edge Hall
Euphonium: Sunday, August 12th; 4-5 pm; Choral Suite
Tuba: Sunday, August 12th; 5-6 pm; Choral Suite
Tenor Trombone: Sunday, August 12th; 1 pm; Choral Suite
Bass Trombone: Sunday, August 12th; 2:30 pm; Choral Suite

Percussion: Sunday, August 12th; Time TBA; Percussion Suite

Viola: Sunday, August 12th; 4:30-6:30 pm; Room 521
Violin: Friday, August 10th; 4 pm; Room 521....Special Instructions: Excerpt 1: A to m.80 / Excerpt 2: opening to letter E
Cello: Sunday, August 12th; 2 pm; Room 521 
Double Bass: Sunday, August 12th; 3 pm; Room 521

Oboe: Saturday, August 11th; 3-4:30 pm; Room 521
ClarinetFriday, August 10th; 12-2 pm; Choral Suite
Flute: Tuesday, August 7th; 4-6 pm; Edge Hall
Bassoon: Saturday, August 11th; 4:30-6; Room 521
Saxophone: Tuesday, August 7th; 6-8 pm; Edge Hall....*Saxophone auditions for UGA bands on this date are for saxophone majors only.